Traumaticus is a nationwide network of primarily solution-focused practitioners, working with case managers to connect their clients to experienced and accreditable therapists. 

Who is Traumaticus for?

Traumaticus is aimed at those working with clients who have experienced trauma and are in need of a therapeutic input. This is especially valuable for difficult to place cases and those that have found themselves ‘stuck’ in using other providers/methods of therapy.

We accept referrals from a wide range of sources, including – 

  • Insurers
  • Solicitors
  • Occupational health companies
  • Councils
  • Police
  • Schools
  • Case managers

Why use Traumaticus?

  • All of our therapists are experienced and accreditable, with a proven track record of providing a first-class service. 
  • Our therapists are also under the regular supervision of Working Conversations director Steve Flatt, who has over 25 years’ experience working with clients presenting with trauma and an evidenced success rate of 75% after an average of eight sessions.
  • Therapists are assigned to clients by a liaison manager to find the best match therapist for an individual.
  • We provide therapists even for clients in remote areas, and can almost always offer home visits when necessary.
  • We have an excellent Service Level Agreement, meaning that assessments reports and similar are reviewed by Steve and provided within a couple of days of an assessment. 

Why Solution-Focused Therapy?
Solution-focused therapy is a strong, evidence-based alternative to more mainstream therapies. It  typically requires fewer sessions and has proved highly effective in the specific context of trauma. While many therapies assume that the problem lies in the individual client and that it is the role of the therapist to “fix” them, solution-focused therapy treats clients as experts in their own lives. The role of the therapist is simply to help clients to move towards their own personally defined “preferred futures”. For more information about Solution Focused Practice see our About Solution Focused Practice page.

Please note: we are passionate about the particular benefits of a solution-focused approach. However, the network as a whole is not solely solution-focused, and we are also willing and able to provide a practitioner of another kind if required.

Interested? Contact us for corporate rates and more information at:
Phone: 07525 804 952