Our story

Our story

Steps towards mental fitness

Here, we help you realise and achieve the changes you'd like to see in your life

Our approach is non stigmatising as we see distress as a normal and natural response to upsetting, unusual or traumatic life events. We don’t use specialist language, we don’t diagnose, label or try to categorise the people we work with, instead, we use the everyday language of those we work with in order to reinforce the fact that the conversations are driven by you, the client.

Our mission

To provide therapy and training using solution-focused conversations to generate positive and uplifting changes for individuals, groups, organisations and communities


  • People are capable of making their own rational decisions about their lives
  • People know best about what it is they want
  • Our job is simply to help individuals achieve the best possible outcomes in their circumstances
  • Individual help is important and can be life-changing; however, there is also a fundamental need for work to be done at community levels
  • Such work consists of contributions towards systemic change, improving quality of life, level of security and sense of future for both individuals and communities
  • Environmental circumstances can be improved through actions at a community level, rather than relying on a top-down approach that is frequently remote from the point of change

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