Our Mission

Working Conversations is fundamentally about using solution-focused conversations to generate positive and uplifting changes, for individuals, groups, and communities.

Our Beliefs

  • People are capable of making their own rational decisions about their lives.
  • People know best about what it is that they want.
  • Our job is therefore simply to help individuals to achieve the best possible outcomes in the circumstances that they are experiencing.
  • Such individual help is important and can be life-changing; however, there is also a fundamental need for work to be done at community and environmental levels.
  • This work consists of contributions towards systemic change, improving quality of life, level of security, and sense of future for both individuals and communities.
  • Environmental circumstances can be improved through actions at a community level, rather than relying on a top-down approach that is frequently remote from the point of change.

Our Activities

  • Training in solution-focused practice.
  • Traumaticus.
  • Occupational mental health services.
  • Private one-to-one therapy.
  • Conversations in Cafés.
  • Research programme: collaboration with University of Liverpool Management School.
  • Research programme: collaboration with Caer Las (Welsh homelessness charity).