Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I refer myself in to your service?
    It’s simple! Just phone the office on (0151) 706 8163 and speak to one of our admin staff and they will get you booked in with one of our therapists according to your need and their skills. You don’t need a doctor’s referral note or any other referral to access our service.

  2. How many sessions will I need?
    This depends on you and your situation. We have a simple rule that the therapist wants to complete the work with you as quickly as possible and as you are the expert in yourself we rely on you to know when that is.

  3. How much does it cost?
    Generally it is better to discuss this with the administrator when you ring up as there are so many variables that make this a very flexible figure.

  4. How soon can I be seen?
    Usually within a few days (5 to 7) but it all depends on what you are seeking help with and who would be the best person to work with you.

  5. What are our success rates?
    Again, this is a flexible answer as success is defined in many different ways. We find that somewhere about 70 to 80% of the people that we work with are satisfied with the changes that they have made. This is pretty much in line with most private therapy services and the research that has been done on the outcomes of talking therapies.

  6. If I am not satisfied who can I complain to?
    In the first instance we would ask you to contact either Steve Flatt or Suzi Curtis who are the two senior clinicians and directors of “Working Conversations”. If you are not satisfied with their responses then there are various professional bodies whose addresses and complaints departments we would provide you information about.