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Listen to Steve Flatt in conversation with Alun Parry. Steve discusses trauma, therapy, the role of environment, and finding the expertise in the room.


00:00 Trauma – where is it?
01:57 Understanding v Listening
02:46 The context of trauma
03:45 Trauma is interactional
04:32 Soldiers returning from battle
06:19 How the body learns to stay alive
07:30 Trauma responses are not “symptoms”
08:39 Alternatives to “working through” trauma
11:07 The danger of retraumatising the person
12:39 Finding safety, control and confidence
13:34 How to use the imagination well
14:20 The role of environment in psychological distress
15:18 Bullying, gaslighting and toxic environments
17:50 What to do if you don’t know why
19:12 The importance of social change
20:30 Benign environments and resilient people
21:37 A therapy that fits you
23:15 Discovering what works for you
24:07 Making therapy effective
25:47 Who is the expert in the room?
27:02 Building on hope and resources
28:55 Hope, humour and joy in therapy
30:36 Where does hope live?
31:15 Closing thoughts

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