Helpful Thoughts to Combat Depression

We all have times when we feel low, but what’s the difference between this and depression? Well, depression is when you feel like this for a long time and goes deeper than sadness. It is a profound feeling that makes us want to hide away from the whole world. It makes us think we are no good, useless, pathetic, unworthy of love. Depression can arrive because of work, loss, or insecurity. It can also be the product of a toxic environment. Depression leaves us feeling drained, numb and negative, learn more about the symptoms.

There are lots of ways to try to move on from depression but focusing on the cause is not one of them. It could take forever to find the cause and all you’ve done is found out why you’re depressed, nothing has changed. Sometimes it might be obvious, but usually it is the build-up of several things that slowly press down on us. Steve explains more in a video about emotional bank accounts

There is a different path you can take, that *might* be more helpful:

  1. Start by noticing the things that are keeping you going, what is getting you through this time, how are you coping?
  2. Think about what it is you would like to change. How would you like to be feeling instead?
  3. Are there any times that you’re not feeling depressed? What is it that is different about those times?
  4. What might be the first small step to change? Think about the things that make life a little bit better

By noticing the thoughts and ideas that help you think about moving forward, you can start to see the potential path out of depression and into something that is wanted. Whether that is to laugh more, go out with friends, change job etc. it is up to you. Focus on the things that you can do something about, the things that are in your control, what is working for you right now?

The past is important and our memories and experiences help to make us who we are but our past doesn’t always set our future path. What you do today is just as influential as what you did yesterday or 2 years ago.

The trick is to flip our mindset and change what we pay attention to. As the saying goes, “The difference between happiness and misery is what you pay attention to.” Focus on what you want, the things that will make you a little bit happier, the things that will give you a sense of purpose and help you move in the direction of hope and possibility. Small steps make a big difference, notice them, celebrate them and build on that success! Here are some things to think about before you opt for therapy.

We’re always happy to chat with anyone about anything that’s worrying them for more info on how we can help visit our what’s worrying you page or contact us

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